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Hayle power plant

This picture came my way the other day. I don't know a lot about it (year) but Its Hayle Power station alright!

Hayle power plant
Halfhidden, Apr 24, 2009
    • BayOfPlenty
      Excellent picture - it s hard to imagine all this was ever there now.
    • treeve
      A great deal of the buildings are still there; the older [Arsenic Works] chimney right of centre exists.
      Power Station was built 1910, closed and partly demolished 1977.
    • treeve
      Looking at the coaster - it must be very late 1960s.
    • BayOfPlenty
      Thanks for the info, treeve; last time I was out that way, all I noticed was the chimney and some foundation remains, although in fairness I wasn t searching for a power station...
    • treeve
      Who would? ::15:
    • BayOfPlenty
      You d be surprised... some odd sorts go out on the moors hunting down boundary stones, so I m told! :eek:
    • treeve
      Myself included - I wanted a closer look, but the site looked fairly dangerous; I need more time to get better vantage points some day. That is where the 18x lens come in handy.
    • welb1931
      isnt that the ICI building on the right of the picture..Hayle during world war 2 was a busy place, generating power,explosive and munitions
      factories but suffered only one raid if I remember rightly, I do know that the entire home guard was called out one night for...glow worms
    • fleagle
      Being a child of the sixties I learnt to swim in the river beside the Power Station (perhaps this is why I glow at night). The Associated Octel Company was also there. The smell of the sulpher always sticks in my mind. On the way to the beach we would buy a bottle of Corona pop from Hancocks Sweet Shop and on the way home we would return the empty bottle in exchange for sixpence. This usually got spent on sweets. One of my favourites was the penny arrow bar.
    • treeve
      @fleagle - Ah sweet memories of long ago, spent in halcyon days, without a care ....
      Octel started in 1940 on that site.
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    Apr 24, 2009
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