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Marazion Station

Taken of Marazion Station 1959

Marazion Station
Halfhidden, Dec 1, 2010
    • exile
      What happened to the stone built bridge over the lines? The current bridge with its metal sides look to have been there for a long time. Is the waiting room on the platform the building that still stands beside the tracks? Good picture,nice when it makes you scratch your head,stops the old grey matter from freezing up!
    • BayOfPlenty
      I don't think this is Marazion station: it doesn't look like any picture I've ever seen of the place (although, granted, there is a resemblance) and although I can't make out the wording on the nameboard, it certainly doesn't seem to say "Marazion".
    • Halfhidden
      mmm, I'll have to look through my notes and see who gave me the picture. Perhaps they can make a comment on this.
    • treeve
      A mainline station will be fairly easy to find in books of such photographs, for a start the belt of trees and hedge. Agree that it is not right, platforms very short.
    • treeve
      Beyond the bridge the track veers to the right ; all my books are as yet unsorted (so help me they were sorted by large small and medium by the movers - forget subject), give me time ....
    • exile
      Did anyone every locate this station?
    • BayOfPlenty
      I don't think so but wherever it is, it isn't Marazion.
    • denanmor
      Or probably even Cornwall!
    • Long Rock boy
      After a bit of research, this is Woodborough Station, Nottinghamshire.
    • BayOfPlenty
      Ah, the next stop along from Marazion ::11:
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    Dec 1, 2010
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