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Taken of the promenade

Taken of the promenade

The Promenade in the 1950's..... Changed a little bit hasn't it :)
Picture Supplied by Gillian Long
Seeing that bandstand reminds me of the times in Summer during the early 1960 s, I think it was on a Thursday night, that Duncan Warren s father used to set up what must have been one of the earlist versions of disco equipment, (record player, amplifier and two old PA speakers. But us youngsters we loved it and would bop around to the new rock n roll sounds in a roped off area. If I remember Mr Warren had a tobacconist shop just about where the HSBC hole in the wall is now. Perhaps that s where Duncan became intersted in becoming a DJ? laugh# laugh#
When the prom (esplanade then) was first up, it was covered in white slabs, which were absolutely blinding; after complaints, it was covered in an early form of tarmac, and then there were untold complaints about the ladies dresses being made black ... no not a lot changed there. Nowadays, its the wrong people in the roped off area !! ::15:

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