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Lescudjack School

Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Sep 8, 2008.

By Halfhidden on Sep 8, 2008 at 12:13 PM
  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    We've been donated hundreds of pictures of Lescudjack School. These pictures date from 1950's up until the school merged with Humphry Davy School in the 1980's.
    We are also in contact with most of the old teaching staff who are going to supply more pictures and help put the names to the faces.
    Do you know anyone from Lescudjack School?

    I'll add Lescudjack School Teachers when I remember them:
    Mr Williams Maths and English
    Mr Polter History and Geography
    Mr Austin Science
    Mr Mead PE
    Mr Turner Maths English
    Mr Cock Head Master
    Mr Horton Metalwork
    Mr Kurnow Technical drawing
    Mr Harris Music
    Mr Praid Art
    Mr Tonkin PE
    Mr Towland Music
    Mr Owen English and maths
    Mr Potter Taught pottery
    Mr Weeks I can't remember what he taught
    Mr Marks I can't remember what he taught
    Mrs Hancock Science
    Mrs Harris R.E (R.K religious knowledge) and home economics
    Miss French taught French
    And that's all I can remember at the moment
    To See the pictures of Lescudjack School click on the link below

    Lescudjack School pictures

    There is a reunion for Lescudjack School pupils,teachers and staff being held in July 2009 contact us if you would like to attend


Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Sep 8, 2008.

    1. Evo

      Cant wait to see these piccies, especially from the 70's. The science/physics teacher was called Mr Ostins (George) not Austin, he was my form teacher for 2 years.
      Mr Weeks (Maurice) taught History and Peter Marks taught Geography. It was Mrs Ham (Liz) that taught French when I was there. Mr Carne (Sammy)was the pottery teacher. Pete Toland was actually a Geography teacher but talked about music during lessons, ;D Mr Mead (John) also taught woodwork and Mr Horton (David)was the metalwork teacher. Mr Gabert was the Head when I started in 1972, Mr Cock was deputy Head and then went on to be Head the year after I think. Mr Davies (John) was also an English teacher. That's all the names that come to mind at the moment, I have a few more faces in my head that I cant put a name too yet but they may come to me soon.

      I'll post up as and when that happens.

    2. Halfhidden
      Thanks for correcting me on the names Evo.... Time has had it toll on me :p A good friend supplied Bill Cock's phone number and I have since spoken with his wife. Bill isn't very well at all but would love to talk and give us some of his fondest memories. I'll let you all know more once I have been to see him.

      To See the pictures of Lescudjack School click on the link below

      Lescudjack School pictures
    3. tilly
      I was there in the 60's Mr Cock was history teacher,Mr Elwood Geography,Mrs Russell Maths , Mrs Gray girls PE. :)
    4. treeve
      Does anyone have any memories of Music and Folk Festivals, Carol Services, Athletics Meetings, Netball or Hockey matches and Soccer or Rugby matches between Lescudjack and other schools, Open days, School Concerts, Excursions (such as that to Glastonbury, Cheddar, Plymouth, the River Dart or Paignton Zoo), Visits such as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1942 (maybe your mother has a memory) or Sir John Hunt of the Everest Expedition in 1956, the 1959 Stevenage Exchange, Holidays in Paris 1961, Holland 1963, German Exchange 1964 and 1965, The Mediterranean Cruise 1965 on the Devonia (12 school students were taken to Venice where they met the ship), Skiing in Switzerland in 1965 ... anything to add to the growing story of the school?
    5. jonesyman
      I was there between 1977 and 1982.
      Form teachers were:
      1L - Mr Owen (aka Taffy, exponent of the famous 'Joey Tap')
      2L - Mr Royal (aka Percy taught Rural Science)
      3L - Mr Ostins
      4L5 - Mr Davies
      5L5 - Can't remember but he taught Pottery and was a nice chap, sorry.

      Also remember Mr Keller (aka Victor, not sure if that was his real name) Maths

      Also, Mr Chadwick, Geography, very strict. His famous catchphrase was : 'When writing on a map or diagram PRRRINT PLEASE' He also used to go barmey if you didn't write on the very top line of you exercise book. 'Don't you know how many books that would save every year ???'
    6. pzpirate
      I attended the school from 1951-55. The headmaster when I first went was a Mr Hichens who always seemed to wear a green Harris Tweed suit. I think he was superceded by a Mr Bulled. Willie Cock taught history, Dickie Elwood geography and a Mr Evans, a Welshman, taught mathematics and rugger. ER Jory (think it was Edward) was the music teacher, and Mr Carne taught woodwork. A Joe Stafford who had starey eyes, when you were not in his favour, taught science (I think, but it could have been English - it was a long time ago!). Mackenzie was the art teacher and most of the teachers were involved in sport. Whatever the weather, Elwood road his ancient pushbike from Newlyn to school. And he was always urging us to ride our bikes during the holidays to places like The Lizard, to study the geography of the area. The main event I can recall is the pageant put on for the Queen's Coronation.
    7. whitegirl
      I attended the school from 1969 (maybe 1970) to 1976. Can't remember a lot of the names of the teachers, but certainly the ones mentioned have rung some bells in my distant memory. Particular teachers remembered for me were Mr Toland and Mr Marks, maybe cos all us girls had a crush on them at that time!
      Mr Davis taught us English
      Mr Marks was Geography
      Mr Weeks was History
      Mr Harris was Mathematics (I think)
      Mrs Harris was R.E.
      Can't remember the name of the Deputy Head that took over when Mr Cock was made Headmaster? Anyone jog my memory on that one? Can't wait to see the photos myself. Good work HH for getting hold of all the old photos! :)
    8. Evo
      Yep I remember all them, I think one of the existing teachers took over as deputy head, might even have been Mr Owens, cant remember exactly. Mr Harris also tried to teach music but no-one really took it seriously at the time, ha, ha.

      C'mon, get these piccies up, we'll all help with the identifications dont worry, maybe set up a private message only reply on the individual photos rather than a free for all posting the same names all the time. Dont know if it's possible but it may be a solution to help get them on quicker.

    9. Halfhidden
      OK.... good news! some of the pictures will start to go up this evening. For those of you who are new to this site, you will find the pictures in the image gallery under the section schools > Lescudjack simply pick the year.

      I'll edit this post later and place a link to the gallery once they start to go up. T{

      To See the pictures of Lescudjack School click on the link below

      Lescudjack School pictures
    10. Phil Jolly
      Phil Jolly
      I was a pupil at Lescudjack school from 1959 - 1963. I remember Mr Dicky Elwood Geography, Mat Mackenzie (who gave me detention and I had to write an essay on the history of Byzantine Art,when I handed it in the next morning, he tore it up in front of me without even reading it) Jonny Thomas (PE) Mr Firth was the Headmaster, Mr Jory was the music teacher and Mr Carn was the metal work teacher. Long time ago, but non the less, happy days.
    11. Halfhidden
      You must have been really bad to get detention, an essay and have it ripped up without even checking the spelling. What did you do jaw drop lol
    12. Evo
      jaw drop
      Still waiting foe the "hundreds of pictures"
      Come on, the suspence is doing my head in here, ??? There's a re-union coming up at the barn club on Oct. 17th so people might want to take some along. I was hoping to get some myself as an old school mate is coming over from Canada tomorrow and meeting up withsome of us but alas it wont be, :mad:

      Never mind, still looking forward to seeing them, @@@
      PP} Keep up the good work guys, ;)
      Cya @@@
    13. Halfhidden
      Hi Evo its been a long week. We've been caught up with the Cornishman, News of the World and Westcountry over the Co-op story. We've also been busy building and testing the new mystery picture voting panel, and we've been out interviewing ex Lescudjack School teachers, staff and pupils ready for the next set of newspaper articles. It seems there is never enough time in the day ;)

      I'm aware of the Barn Club reunion White girl sent me a pm. So all of the pictures will be up by then guaranteed.
      I won't be able to attend the Lescudjack reunion because of commitments in October, but I am aware that members on this site will want to take copies of the pictures with them.
      Let me see how many we can put up today :D
    14. Evo
      Nice one mate, I wasn't having a go, it was tongue in cheek, I know this is a loabour of love for you and there is a lot to do. The media spect looks good though, good luck with the exposure, ooer!!

      I'm gigging the nmight of the bloody re-union so I cant make it either. Missed the last onme because I was taxi-ing, maybe one day, :(

    15. Halfhidden
      Hi Evo... we know you weren't having a go that's cool ;D It has been a busy week and there are no signs of a let up yet!
      Still this is all part of the fun and games that Picture Penzance has presented to us.... It is fun ::)
      Stay tuned for more information on the reunion there may be a surprise coming your way ;)
    16. whitegirl
      Am hoping to attend the reunion this year, but people are going to have to make themselves known to me, as think our faces might have changed slightly since we were at school :-[ Am going to tell everyone I meet about the Picture Penzance site, worth while looking at I can assure them! T{ Will let everyone here know how it all goes that evening.
    17. Halfhidden
      Thanks for that White Girl. May I suggest that the organisers get people to wear badges with their name and last form on it.
      If anyone wants some leaflets pm me a contact address and we will send some out to you. They are A6 (postcard size) handouts that explain about the site. We will send as many as you need free of charge. :eek: ;D
    18. Harvey69
      In the early eighties i had a Mr Lewing for music and Mr Stevens for biology and i think there was a Mr Brocalhurst who taught us geography. ;)
    19. 230parkave
      I will not be able to atend the Lescudjack reunion on Oct 17. as I work in Manhattan. However, I am interested in contacting anyone who remembers me - Malcolm Rowe - between 1962 and 1966. Mr Firth was the head, Mr Cox the assisiant, the music teacher was named Mr Jury (nick name was Juke Box Jury after the TV show of same name); Charlie Stringer and Chris Thomas were the terrors of the day! Religion was taught by Ms. (Daisy) Daniels.

      Have fun at the reunion and dont forget to post some photos

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