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Lescudjack School

Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Sep 8, 2008.

By Halfhidden on Sep 8, 2008 at 12:13 PM
  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    We've been donated hundreds of pictures of Lescudjack School. These pictures date from 1950's up until the school merged with Humphry Davy School in the 1980's.
    We are also in contact with most of the old teaching staff who are going to supply more pictures and help put the names to the faces.
    Do you know anyone from Lescudjack School?

    I'll add Lescudjack School Teachers when I remember them:
    Mr Williams Maths and English
    Mr Polter History and Geography
    Mr Austin Science
    Mr Mead PE
    Mr Turner Maths English
    Mr Cock Head Master
    Mr Horton Metalwork
    Mr Kurnow Technical drawing
    Mr Harris Music
    Mr Praid Art
    Mr Tonkin PE
    Mr Towland Music
    Mr Owen English and maths
    Mr Potter Taught pottery
    Mr Weeks I can't remember what he taught
    Mr Marks I can't remember what he taught
    Mrs Hancock Science
    Mrs Harris R.E (R.K religious knowledge) and home economics
    Miss French taught French
    And that's all I can remember at the moment
    To See the pictures of Lescudjack School click on the link below

    Lescudjack School pictures

    There is a reunion for Lescudjack School pupils,teachers and staff being held in July 2009 contact us if you would like to attend


Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Sep 8, 2008.

    1. winter_sun
      I was there in 79 and 80. Would've loved to have finished my education there but it wasn't to be.
      Mr (Mr Deadrock was another name)
      Mrs Russell...maths

      Would be nice to attend but there's no way I can get a passport in 10 days. I'm aiming to catch up with a few of my old school friends in 2010.
      Have a great time all.
    2. winter_sun
      Whoops...I was there in 78 and 79 :-[
    3. JohnW
      I was There between 1957 and December 1961. When I left school and went into the Royal Navy as a Ganges boy. Bill Firth was the Headmaster at the time. Willy Cock was Deputy Head, he also taught history. Jory was the music teacher, and I believe he still lives in Gulval.
    4. Planet Penwith
      Planet Penwith
      I was there from 1975 to 1980. Now let me think........ah yes here's a list of the teachers I remember:

      Mr Cock - Head
      Mr Ostins - Science
      Mr Turner - Maths
      Mrs Russell - Maths
      Mr Tonkin - PE/Sports/English
      Mr Weeks - Modern History (My Fave teacher, then again, that was my fave subject)
      Mrs Ridge - History
      Mr Carne - TD
      Mrs White - English
      Mr Marks - Geography
      Mr Toland - Geography
      Mrs Hancock - Human Bioology
      Mr Owen - English (and Joey taps!)
      Mr Potter - Pottery
      Mr Mead - Woodwork/sometimes PE
      Mr Horton - Metalwork
      Mr Praed - Art
      Mrs Ham - French
      Mr Harris - Music
      Mrs Harris - RE
      Mr Chadwick - English/Geography
      Mr Royal - Rural Science
      Mr Keller - Maths
      Mr Livingston - Science
      Mr Sainsbury - Science

      There's a few to start with. Now forms and form teachers....

      1=Can't remember yet, think it was Mrs 1H
      2=Can't remember yet, but could have been Mrs 2R
      3=Think it was Mr Sainsbury, so 3S
      4=Mr Keller - 4K
      5=Mrs Hancock - 5H

      As for the Religious Education teachers I had.....I think one was Taffy Owens wife (?). Mrs Harris was one and also the teacher who taught Social History, also did RE in the 5th what was his name...Mr Piper I think it was...remember his arm pits were always soaking wet!! Probably from all the stress! lol. Saying that though...his RE was the only time that the subject was interesting (to me)....he also included Islam, Buddism etc etc into the mix. Is he the same Mr Piper that came from Mounts bay? went to? A certain Mrs Hillage also taught at Mount's Bay, but her name also seems familiar as a teacher at Lescudjack too...?

      Pottery when I first went to Lescudjack was taken by an old man who always told us stories of his exploits in WWII...he's name escapes me at the present...anyone know? Still, I liked him and I was more interested in his stories than Pottery.

      My fave teachers were:

      Mr Weeks - History
      Mr Ostins - Science
      Mr Sainsbury - Science
      Mr Keller - Form Teacher
      The old guy Pottery teacher from the first year
      Mr Horton - Metalwork
      Mr Mead - Woodwork
      Bill Cock - Head
      Mrs Ham - French
    5. sparky
      I believe that Mr Piper did go on to teach at Mounts Bay as he taught me....
      If you go to the schools section and click on the Mounts Bay part you will find a 80's picture of all the staff. I have tried to name them all but some names escape me.....Miss Hillage also taught me at Mounts Bay she taught Maths. She is in the photo.
    6. treeve
      I am unsure as to just how many students had attended Lescudjack School over the years, since 1915, but it must have been in the thousands, perhaps 10,000. The Reunion at the barn amassed a total of 15 attendances; I had no expectations of meeting anyone from my years in the Infants between 1944 and 1948 (I had the most terrible crush on Miss, whose name escapes me), but I did hope to see more there than did go. Picture Penzance is organising a Reunion. I sincerely hope that it will be better supported.
    7. whitegirl
      You could certainly put my name forward as attending a Reunion of Lescudjack pupils. I attended the reunion last night and was sincerely dissapointed to see only 15 people attend, 2 of which was myself and my very good friend who accompanied me to the event. I know of many people who I could contact regarding a reunion, none of which attended last night, as was thought they might have come along anyway.

      Apparently (I may face some backlash for saying this) the reunion was advertised in the Cornishman over the last two weeks, but have been unable to find the article myself, maybe a full page spread over the past 2 weeks might have attracted more people?

      Am sure if HalfHidden does arrange a reunion, then I personally feel it would certainly have a better turn out than the few who made the effort to come along last night.
    8. Halfhidden
      First of all I'd like to say that I felt sad to hear that only 15 people attended the reunion held at the Barn Club for the Lescudjack pupils. We only started to advertise it for the Barn Club a few weeks ago when we became aware of it ourselves. The Barn asked us to advertise the event on the understanding that they placed a link to our website on their adverts......... The event is over and I'm still waiting for the links...... A one way street I think. (correction. This weeks adverts did include a link to our website in the Penwith Packet 23/10/2008)
      Clearly there has been major mistakes made in the organisation and publication of this event. White girl has a valid point about the advertising because I haven't seen any in the Cornishman to advertise this event.
      I have seen some on facebook, bebo, myspace and so on.... but it doesn't take a genius to work out that this isn't where you'll find that audience. The youngest (last pupils at the school in 1980) will be in their mid forties now!
      I've been a businessman most of my adult life and understand target audiences, marketing, entertainment, value for money and most of all I understand people.
      I promise you that the official Lescudjack reunion will be the talk of the town! I have already enlisted the help of professionals to guarantee a whole night of entertainment for all who attend. I've been to far too many reunions where once your in you are left to fumble around nervously undirected and confused. We are putting together a full format of entertainment, memorabilia, gifts and special guest speakers and so on. We are looking at attendance numbers being in the hundreds and people coming from all over the world.
      I've already been speaking with our press officers who will ensure that we get local and regional TV and tabloid and radio coverage for this event.

      So don't be disheartened as a real treat is on the horizon for all the Lescudjack School pupils, teachers and staff.... watch this space ;) :D ;D T{
    9. Planet Penwith
      Planet Penwith
      15 people jaw drop. I would have loved to have gone, but unfortuneately I am/was stuck in Weston-(not-so)super-mare :(. Shame about Friday night though. Hopefully I will make the one organised by Steff. Sounds like it will be the real deal.

      Thank God there is a Steff! T{
    10. Evo
      Myke, the WW11 veteran pottery teacher was Mr Kempsall if I remember rightly, he did bang on about it a bit didn't he?? :D

      15 people is a sad turn out, I would have been there myself but I was gigging that night, I will endeavour to make a sincere effort to be at the Picture Penzance reunion next year for sure!! 8)

    11. Planet Penwith
      Planet Penwith
      YEAH! thats him Evo! I remember now, Mr Kempsall. Yep you're right, he did, as you say, bang on about it :) BUT, I found it fascinating (I love history and all that), so much so in fact, I found myself not very interested in pottery! lol...I couldn't concentrate on pottery AND the WWII stories! lol
    12. treeve
      Member Lorraine has asked if there are, by any chance, any photographs of the trip to Germany in 1963/64; hoping that someone may have some that can be uploaded into the Albums, either directly, or into the Main Albums of Lescudjack School.

      She also asks if there is anyone, or do you know anyone, who went on that trip?
      Thank you ...
    13. HeamoorMan
      Hell Fire!! I just noticed something frightening about the Lescudjack School BADGE!!

      Its got the ******* English Flag in it?????????
    14. Halfhidden
      The Lescudjack School badge was re designed By Mr Praid back in 1965 to celebrate 50 years of the school. Prior to this the badge was a simple castle. The lamb and flag (and other bits) were adopted from the Penzance borough coat of arms.
      Can anyone throw some history on the lamb and flag? ::)
    15. treeve
      Each part of the Arms represented a section of the Borough; The Lamb and Flag was/is Gulval, having been the mark used by the Chyandour Smelting Works, being impressed into the ingots of tin, before coinage at the coinagehall, where the tin was nicked on the corner to be tested and taxed. The Lamb and Flag is an old Heraldic device, Agnus Dei, as it were. It was held by The Knights Templar; representative of Jesus Christ (John 1;29). Having noticed an earlier post, it is not the flag of England.
    16. Evo
      So have I missed something??? When was the reunion supposed to be, I just remebered it was around this time buit it seems to have gone quiet?

    17. Halfhidden
      Halfhidden email was sent to all those who wanted to attend the reunion to explain that it wasn't going ahead. We didn't get enough people to sign up to make it work.
      The email went out many months ago now and was mentioned in one of the newsletters andposted on the front page of this site.
    18. Hank
      Mr Kempsell i think he was the pottery teacher i was at Lescudjack 71 - 76
    19. Hank

      Think you'll find the pottery teacher was Mr Kempsell (AKA Von Kempsell) because of the WW2 stories
    20. bear
      Mr Kempsel

      Mr Kempsel (excuse the spelling) tried to each me pottery, but I was completely useless. I well remember his talks about his war years. I guess like most I didn't believe it all, but he could really tell a story, and lets face it he may have been telling it as it was! One thing I do remember about him (apart from his good nature) was the fact that he drove a brand new Lotus Elan, which he told us he built from a kit. Some people laughed at that, but all I can say is when school was out and Praed got on his BSA Bantam, and others drove off in their Morris Minors, and some were lucky enough to own a second hand Austin Cambridge. Mr Kempsel drove home in a brand new Lotus Elan. I have been reliably told that after this he had the "Europa" and the "Elite".
      I saw him about a year before he died, and he remembered me from school. He (of course) was old and looking weary, but he was still smiling. I walked with him to his car. We shook hands and said goodbye and I watched him drive perfectly out of Safeway's car park in a brand new Sierra Cosworth. So Who Knows ?

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