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Lescudjack School

Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Sep 8, 2008.

By Halfhidden on Sep 8, 2008 at 12:13 PM
  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    We've been donated hundreds of pictures of Lescudjack School. These pictures date from 1950's up until the school merged with Humphry Davy School in the 1980's.
    We are also in contact with most of the old teaching staff who are going to supply more pictures and help put the names to the faces.
    Do you know anyone from Lescudjack School?

    I'll add Lescudjack School Teachers when I remember them:
    Mr Williams Maths and English
    Mr Polter History and Geography
    Mr Austin Science
    Mr Mead PE
    Mr Turner Maths English
    Mr Cock Head Master
    Mr Horton Metalwork
    Mr Kurnow Technical drawing
    Mr Harris Music
    Mr Praid Art
    Mr Tonkin PE
    Mr Towland Music
    Mr Owen English and maths
    Mr Potter Taught pottery
    Mr Weeks I can't remember what he taught
    Mr Marks I can't remember what he taught
    Mrs Hancock Science
    Mrs Harris R.E (R.K religious knowledge) and home economics
    Miss French taught French
    And that's all I can remember at the moment
    To See the pictures of Lescudjack School click on the link below

    Lescudjack School pictures

    There is a reunion for Lescudjack School pupils,teachers and staff being held in July 2009 contact us if you would like to attend


Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Sep 8, 2008.

    1. Rob Trewhella
      Rob Trewhella
      My Memories

      I was there from 1967 to 1972. Jack Firth was head, Bill Cock, deputy, JR Owens,English, Jan Turner Maths, Bert Royall, Science, Peter Marks, Geography.
      Pupils I remember from all years, Joe Crowe, Ralph Jennings, Charlie Roff, Sally Wing, Dawn Fletcher, Gary Cluroe, Richard Fox, Ian Cobb, Simon Bromage, Jenny Burroughs, Sally Smart, Julia Rescorla, Tony Smart, Ernie Triggs, Peter Trudgeon, Peter Lawrence.
      I left soon after CSE exams and then went to Camborne Tech, which is another story.
      Exiled now, and no plans to come back, please don`t be sad!!!!!
    2. Glyn
      Hi Malcolm, just found you on here - I am in Australia moved here when I was 19 and I remember you from school days. Glyn Carne
    3. southwestdj
      dick firth was head, bill cocks deputy,dickie elwood georgraphy, sammy carne woodwork, mr mcanzie art,dick jury music,pottery teacher was from cambourne big fat guy
    4. denzilt
      I was at Lescudjack 1960 to 1964, in your teaching list you ommited Mr J Thomas (Johnny) who taught sports Rugby in particular as at the time he was playing for PZ & Newlyn Pirates. I was also on the Holland trip, German trip and also remember a trip on the Paddle Steamer 'Bristol Queen' to the Isles of Scilly. Does anyone remember the method Mr Elwood used to start his Rover car, he used a half crown, (showing my age now) to short out two contacts which used to be part of his ignition switch. I also remember on the trip to Holland we went to KUKENHOF where you could see tulips as far as the eye could see, whilst there Mr Cock was filming with the school 35mm camera when the lens fell of into the lake, he then retrieved this having to roll his sleeves up and fishing around in the murky water.
      Last edited: Sep 22, 2011
    5. Halfhidden
      Thanks for the information denzilt I'll correct the teaching list tomorrow ::15:

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