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The Ritz

The Ritz

Originally known as the flea pit this is the Ritz. This photo was kindly donated by Merlin Cinemas. The Ritz later became Mecca bingo hall and later taken over by Rank Bingo. Today it is in private ownership.
It was the Regal, just around the corner,, that was known as the Flea Pit, not the Ritz; Dudley Savage used to play on the wonderful Wurlitzer Organ that was housed just in front of the screen here in the Ritz; A full programme of music and lights, Adverts, trailers, cartoons, a B film, an interval to get the ice creams, and return in orderly fashion to await another set of cartoons, and then the main film, a real evening out it was; not like now at all.
I forgot to add that the site on which the Ritz was built was originally Redruth Brewery Stores.
Ah, but did you do, like me, before I was old enough to go into an A rated film, stand at the entrance and ask of any mature person (usually male) take me in sir? At which they either ignored you or, remembering their younger days, said ok and as soon as you were in you joined your mates down in front of the organ. Didn t Dudley Savage go on to perform for the BBC?? Oh, and did you ever go to Lazletts sweet shop opposite to get your sweeties before going? Gar!! 9d went a long way in them days (mid to late 1950 s) laugh# laugh# laugh#
Yes, yes, yes and yes .... those were the days .... ; but seriously this place was alive then; I feel sorry for youngsters and young people now, really.
if you want to save it get a few people together to have the building listed ::1:
If I could I would. Trubble is I am living and working in the Sultanate of Oman, can t just nip back for a day or two. Ironically, I used to work for English Heritage. ::1: ::1:
Listed Building did not save Treneere Coombe Cottage or many others ... English Heritage used to be a very good responsible group with a listening ear, now they are lost in financial constraints, European ears and mouth, rules and regulations, as well as conditions placed upon the owners that are no less than enforced suicide.
I believe the Ritz originaly a UNION cinema was built roughly the same time as Woolworths... there was the Union Chums on a saturday morning entrance was just a penny it later became an ABC Theatre and of course you had the ABC minors.I remember a Charles Curgenvan was a reguler at ther organ
we used to sing: - we are the boys and girls well known as members of the abc etc. Memories!!

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