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The Ritz

The Ritz

Originally known as the flea pit this is the Ritz. This photo was kindly donated by Merlin Cinemas. The Ritz later became Mecca bingo hall and later taken over by Rank Bingo. Today it is in private ownership.
Sorry Brian, It was definitely Charles Curgenven as my Dad also played in the Norris Williams orchestra. Charles used to visit our house quite often on a Sunday afternoon. He would play our old pedal bellows harmonium whilst my Uncle played sax and my Dad played trumpet. No tele in those days but very good family entertainment. All this was followed by a Sunday tea from a table growning with home baked goodies.I m sure that I will be accused of looking back with rose tinted glasses but at least we were involved in things as a family then.
thanks for your reply, the name i mentioned still rings a bell with me, are we talking about the same years? i m going back to the early 50s, did you know my Dad Ernie who played the drums? played in a small band with his good friend Russel Pengelly who played the piano.
I knew him in the 60 s playing the drums down at the dock inn with Charles Curgenvan on the organ,Les Boughton with his accordian
the pub was kept by Stan Goodier then.....
Cheers mate, remember Dad playing down the dock inn, i believe Les Boughton s nick name was Moose? i just can t place Charles Curgenvan
I believe Charles was retired at that time and did some part time work,the Goodiers left the dock inn around 75 and settled in
san diego,california...Stan has since passed away..

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